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Hetzner: Server with 24 GB RAM for 249€ per Month

For people that need a massive amount of RAM, Hetzner, a german quality serverhoster, has a special internal offer. It can not be found on their website (, because it is a "request-only" offer.
There is a thread in the official Hetzner forum where they mentioned there has been some requests for such machines in the last time, so they asked what pricing model would be the best.

Current offer looks like this:
The current High-end Model EQ9 with 24 GB RAM instead of 12GB RAM.

Original post:

ja, falls jemand aktuell eine Maschine mit 24 GB Ram braucht, und bereit ist 249 monatlich und 999 Setup zu bezahlen, kann er sich gerne an uns wenden. Günstiger ist es zu den aktuellen Hardwarepreisen nicht zu machen. (Preise sind wie immer incl. MwSt.)


yes, if anybody needs a machine with 24GB RAM, and is willing to pay 249 Euro monthly and 999 Euro for setup, can gladly contact us. Any cheaper is not possible with current hardware prices. (Prices includes german VAT).

If you are interested, you can find a email for contact here:

PHP: Create your own url shortener with this easy to use PHP Class

After using Twitter some time now, i saw several URL shortening services and a few scripts that would do the work. But i did not see any PHP Class for doing this job easily. So i wrote one myself ...

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Benchmark: APC vs. MySQL MEMORY fetching Speed

I once wrote a article about APC and MySQL MEMORY table caching and found out that APC needs very much memory compared to MySQL MEMORY. Now i did a short benchmark to check out the fetching speed of these two solutions with a interesting result.

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