Monatsarchiv für Oktober 2009


Verkaufe Domains: geekvz.(net|com|de)

Ich biete 6 Domains im Paket an. Es sind folgende Domains beinhaltet:


Ideal um sein eigenes Verzeichnis wie z.B. StudiVZ oder Facebook aufzubauen.
Paketpreis ist 200 Euro.
Anfragen bitte per Email.

I sell the mentioned domain names for a package price of 200 Euro. Contact please via Email.

PHP: String Flipper Class (Rewrite)

I found this class on Twitter. Nice idea flipping chars by replacing them with their unicode upside down alternative.
But what bugged me was the code, it looked awful. So id did a rewrite to clean it up a little bit.

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PHP: Use the ternary operator in PHP

A good program is sometimes equalized with few lines of code. But how do we program this way? One step is using the ternary operator...

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PHP: Correct Hashing Passwords in PHP

I found this article about password hashing in PHP on Twitter and found a few serious points that are not fully correct in this article.

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PHP: Easy to use and secure PHP hashing Class


I created this class because there are too many people still saving simple md5 instead of more secure hashes.
The class should be fully PHP4 and PHP5 compatible and very easy to use. But also extended usage on its complex methods is possible.


The usage of the class should be straight forward.
If you just want to use it, use the methods hash() and check().

$secure_hash = new secure_hash;
$hash = $secure_hash->hash('pass');
if($secure_hash->check($hash, 'pass'))
  echo "Password fits to hash.";
  echo "Password does NOT fit to hash.";

That is all you need to know for just using it, but i have to tell, you will miss something important if you stop reading here.

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