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Ubuntu: Create own or fix broken samba shared directorys

ubuntu_logoI recently wanted to create a shared folder with the attribute hidden, but did not want to change the /etc/samba/smb.cnf.

So i searched where the shares created by the gnome folder-properties window where saved. The directory is:


This is also the place, where you might fix a broken share by deleting the config file.

Kubuntu: Connect to hidden WLAN

Somehow the Network-Manager in Kubuntu can not connect to hidden wireless lan. But i found a simple workaround in the

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Linux: Count lines of code

I found a cool programm, that can count lines of code for several programming languages.
You can find it here:

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Whiz: Simple cURL PHP wrapper class

I worked on a project where i needed to handle a lot with cURL request. At first i tried to use Zend_Http_Client, but it was too limited for my purpose. So i wrote my own cURL handler php class.

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Ubuntu: Backup/Copy network settings in Ubuntu

ubuntu_logoI did a clean install of Ubuntu 11.04 and copied all the needed configs from my old 10.10 installation. But i could not find the needed folders for the network and wireless settings, so i searched for them and this is what i found.

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Linux: Slow dd because of default blocksize

linux-logoToday is backed up my SSD so i can install Ubuntu 11.04 fearlessly.
Problem was that dd was very slow, but i found a solution.

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Ubuntu: Install on a Disk with less than 4.4 GB (Workaround)

ubuntu_logoI tried to install Ubuntu 11.04 on a 4 GB USB-Stick today, but was failed by the installer who wants at least 4.4 GB free space. This is unnecessary much, because a normal Ubuntu install will stay below 2.5 GB.
I found a "fix" that works like this:

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