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Android: Move ringtones from SD-Card to internal memory

android-180I have a Motorola Milestone and keep it inside the Desk-Dockingstation all day long. While it is in there, the phone cant use the ringtones saved on the sd-card, because the sd-card is shared over USB. I simply moved my ringtone to the internal ringtone memory.

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Android: Install Google Mail in Cyanogen 7 and similar

android-180How to install Google Mail (GMail) on your Cyanogen Android Phone:

1. The Google Mail app is just available in USA Market. You need the app "Market Enabler" and fake a USA Provider like Verizon or T-Mobile.

2. Search for "Google Mail" or "Gmail" in the Market, if it does show up, install it.

3. If you cant find Google Mail in the Market, go to and search for "Gmail". Use the QR Code + Browser to install Google Mail.

If you need any more Google Apps, check out this Wiki entry: