Ubuntu: Install on a Disk with less than 4.4 GB (Workaround)

ubuntu_logoI tried to install Ubuntu 11.04 on a 4 GB USB-Stick today, but was failed by the installer who wants at least 4.4 GB free space. This is unnecessary much, because a normal Ubuntu install will stay below 2.5 GB.
I found a "fix" that works like this:

1. Start Ubuntu from CD/DVD as a Live-CD (The "Test", not the "Install" Button).

2. Open up a console / terminal and enter the following code:

gksu gedit /usr/lib/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-prepare.py

This will open a python file that includes the "min_size" method.
Search for the line (around line 310) that says:

"min_disk_size = size * 2"

Change the code to this:

"min_disk_size = size * 1.4"

Then save and close the editor.

3. Start the installer on the desktop. It should ask now for about 3 GB.

Original fix posted by Nathan.

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3 Kommentare zu “Ubuntu: Install on a Disk with less than 4.4 GB (Workaround)”

  1. mike 6. Juli 2011 um 09:00

    it didn't worked :-(, u r right the installer says it needs 3.1 GB but after entering my name it doesn't installs the system.
    Maybe its a problem with my Sys and not with the workaround ...

    Thx 4 u r work!


  2. Thomas 11. Februar 2013 um 04:03

    Thank you very very very much!!!

    It is now in a different place, but the idea you gave remains the same. By 'now' I mean 12.04 Precise. Do everything as described, just set the path in step number 1 to /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/ubi-prepare.py
    (yes, two folders named ubiquity...)
    In this file, the crucial line given above is in line 796 or something like that...

    Hope this helps someone!!

  3. BananaJoe 2. September 2013 um 20:16

    For 13.04 it's /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/misc.py and works :)