ATI CCC changes CPU Throttle settings

I had a wierd problem with my notebook and a fresh Windows 7 installation.
For saving battery power a changes the minimum CPU speed to 1%, but somehow this settings was "forgotten" and resettet with the default value 100%.
But i managed to find out what happened really.

This kind of "bug" can occur with the ATI CCC (Catalyst Control Center). The CCC has the "feature" to change CPU throttle speed when watching videos and DirectX video stuff.
But in my case my settings was repeatedly forgotten after a watched a video. In the background, the ATI driver somehow changed my energy settings to a value saved registry called "ExtEvent_VideoPlaybackCpuThrottle". This registry entry is by default 100%. I tried to change it to 1% but this had the disadvantage to change the CPU throttling setting in ALL energy profiles.
So i simply deleted this registry entry wherever it occurred (3 times).
Till now the problem is gone and my battery lasts longer.

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