Lifehacks - My Collection

I like solving strange problems with my computer. But what i also like is finding cool tricks and hacks in real life.
This page will contain a collection of life hacks i know.

Lidl pay desk hack

This hack is a little bit older but might work also on other pay desk machines.
You can get the pay desk machine to crash if your receipt has a total of 0.00 Euro.
This can be done with a few refund bottles and some queap stuff like joghurt or bubblegum.
The result is a pay desk machine that does not work anymore and needs to be restarted by the chief.

Elevator hack

There is the rumor that you can "hack" a elevator.
This can be done by pressing the "close door" and the "floor" button you want to go.
Actual, this was intended to be used be engineers for testing purposes. Maybe it can become handy sometimes.

More hacks?

You know more real life hacks?
Please tell me!

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