PHP: Universal NULL Object

When working with interfaces you sometimes need a object as parameter. Thats why i wrote this primity universal null object that does nothing at all and does not throw any errors:

* Universal NULL object.
* Will throw no error messages so can be used as universal parameter.
* Does overwrite all available magic methods used in PHP5.3.
* @author Julius Beckmann

class NullObject {
  public function __construct() {}
  public function __destruct() {}
  public function __set($name, $value) {}
  public function __get($name) { return null; }
  public function __isset($name) { return false; }
  public function __unset($name) {}
  public function __call($name, $args) {}
  public function __toString() { return ''; }
  public function __invoke() {}
  public function __clone() {}
  public static function __callStatic($name, $args) {}


The project triangle

Anybody of you who worked in a (bigger) project, might have noticed that there are always problems about specific factors like time, money and quality.
While getting my Scrum Master certificate, our teacher told us about something called the "project triangle".

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PHP: Doing some cool things with references and destructors

Not everybody of you might know, that there are references in PHP too, like in many other languages. I wondered if there is something these references might be really good for and came up with the following concept.

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Ubuntu: Create own or fix broken samba shared directorys

ubuntu_logoI recently wanted to create a shared folder with the attribute hidden, but did not want to change the /etc/samba/smb.cnf.

So i searched where the shares created by the gnome folder-properties window where saved. The directory is:


This is also the place, where you might fix a broken share by deleting the config file.

Kubuntu: Connect to hidden WLAN

Somehow the Network-Manager in Kubuntu can not connect to hidden wireless lan. But i found a simple workaround in the

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Linux: Count lines of code

I found a cool programm, that can count lines of code for several programming languages.
You can find it here:

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Whiz: Simple cURL PHP wrapper class

I worked on a project where i needed to handle a lot with cURL request. At first i tried to use Zend_Http_Client, but it was too limited for my purpose. So i wrote my own cURL handler php class.

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Ubuntu: Backup/Copy network settings in Ubuntu

ubuntu_logoI did a clean install of Ubuntu 11.04 and copied all the needed configs from my old 10.10 installation. But i could not find the needed folders for the network and wireless settings, so i searched for them and this is what i found.

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Linux: Slow dd because of default blocksize

linux-logoToday is backed up my SSD so i can install Ubuntu 11.04 fearlessly.
Problem was that dd was very slow, but i found a solution.

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Ubuntu: Install on a Disk with less than 4.4 GB (Workaround)

ubuntu_logoI tried to install Ubuntu 11.04 on a 4 GB USB-Stick today, but was failed by the installer who wants at least 4.4 GB free space. This is unnecessary much, because a normal Ubuntu install will stay below 2.5 GB.
I found a "fix" that works like this:

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